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boiler cover: what is it & why do I need it?

Boiler cover is an insurance policy that provides protection against unexpected breakdowns and repairs for your boiler and central heating system. It is important because it can save you from expensive repair costs and ensures that your home remains warm and comfortable all year round.

How does boiler cover work?

Boiler cover ensures that you are protected against the costs of boiler repairs, which typically cover labour and replacement parts, along with any additional benefits specified in your plan. However, the specifics can vary based on your chosen provider:

  • Repair time by engineers may be capped.
  • An excess fee might apply for service calls, which is influenced by your monthly payment plan.
  • There might be a cap on the number of claims you can file annually.
  • A waiting period may be enforced from the start of your policy during which claims cannot be made.
  • Coverage may exclude boilers that are considered too old or beyond economical repair.

What types of boiler cover are there?

Explore the range of boiler cover options available, each designed to meet different household needs and priorities.

Boiler Breakdown Cover

This plan focuses specifically on your boiler’s health, providing financial assistance for repairs or replacements when it unexpectedly fails. Coverage levels vary, from basic plans that might only cover the boiler itself to more comprehensive options including parts, labor, and emergency service fees. It’s important to compare the details of each policy to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and financial constraints. If you are a landlord you we also offer landlord boiler cover.

Central Heating Cover

This more extensive option not only covers the boiler but also the entire central heating system, including radiators, pipes, and controls. It’s particularly beneficial for those in older homes, where the heating system might be more prone to issues and repairs. This coverage helps mitigate the financial impact of unexpected system maintenance and repairs.

Home Emergency Cover

This broad coverage extends beyond just the heating system to include various home emergencies, such as plumbing issues, electrical failures, and structural damages like roof problems. It’s a comprehensive insurance option designed for homeowners who seek peace of mind knowing that a wide array of potential emergency repairs won’t lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses. This type of cover is suited for those looking for an all-encompassing safety net for their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

It ultimately depends on your individual needs and circumstances. If you have an older boiler or live in an area with harsh winters, boiler cover can provide peace of mind and save you from expensive repair costs. It is important to compare different providers and their coverage options to determine if it is worth the cost for you.

Yes, there are typically three levels of boiler cover: basic, standard, and comprehensive. Basic cover usually includes repairs and an annual service, while standard and comprehensive cover may include additional benefits such as replacement parts or emergency callouts.

Central heating insurance covers repairs and replacements for your boiler, radiators, and other parts of your central heating system. It may also include annual servicing to maintain the efficiency and safety of your system.

While boiler cover and central heating insurance are not mandatory, they can provide peace of mind and financial protection for unexpected breakdowns or repairs. It may be particularly beneficial for older or less efficient heating systems that are more prone to problems.

Some providers may have age restrictions for boiler cover, but there are policies available for older boilers. However, if your boiler is over 15 years old, it may be more difficult to find cover and the cost of the policy may be higher.