What is a System Boiler?

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A system boiler will directly heat your central heating, producing hot water for an unvented storage cylinder.

They work in the same manner as a traditional boiler, in that they must store hot water, yet they differ in terms of how they take their supply of water.

These boilers are a lot more compact in comparison with regular boilers, yet they still have the capability of delivering a high volume of domestic hot water.

How does a system boiler work?

Most of the components that are needed to generate heat and hot water are built into the system boiler. The only exterior part that is needed is an unvented cylinder that will store the hot water.

By taking the water supply directly from the mains, a system boiler gets rid of the need for a water tank in the loft, which would be required with a standard boiler.

They will then heat the water up to warm the central heating and the hot water for the cylinder.

Advantages of System Boilers

There are a number of different benefits that are associated with system boilers, including the following:

Easy to install

One of the main reasons why system boilers appeal to so many homeowners is because they are incredibly easy to install. The installation process is a lot simpler when compared with other types of boilers because they do not depend on complicated pipework as standard boilers do.

With a system boiler, the majority of hot water and heating compartments are installed into one unit, and the only separate component of the boiler is the hot water cylinder.

The unit for this type of boiler is compact, making it highly versatile, and it is also easy to install into any space, including small areas, like airing cupboards.

Ideal for properties with multiple bathrooms

Not only are system boilers easy to install but a system boiler is ideal if you have a large property with numerous bathrooms, as they can cater to a high level of demand for hot water.

As they rely on a separate hot water cylinder, the levels of hot water provided by a system boiler are higher when compared with a conventional boiler, making them much better for bigger properties.

With the separate hot water cylinder, a number of taps can be turned on at the same time, enabling multiple people to wash the dishes, take a shower, or get bathed at the same time without hot water access being limited within the property.

Uses mains water pressure

Finally, you can enjoy stronger water pressure when compared with other boiler systems because system boilers rely on a separate water cylinder. This means that the water comes straight from the mains.

With a traditional boiler system, the water does not come from your mains, as they have a separate tank. Because of this, with a system boiler, you can expect the water that comes out of your showers or taps to be at high pressure.

Drawbacks of System Boilers

There are a number of disadvantages that are associated with having a system boiler installed in your home. Some of the negatives when it comes to system boilers are as follows:

Not suitable for properties with low water pressure

Of course, one of the benefits associated with system boilers is that they rely on your mains system, which can deliver great water pressure, ensuring invigorating and revitalising sowers.

However, this is only going to be the case if you actually have high water pressure at your home. If your water pressure is low, it is unlikely that a system boiler is going to be right for you.

You’ll need space for the hot water storage tank

Another disadvantage to consider is that system boilers take up more space when compared with combi boilers.

While they may be smaller than other types of boilers, combi boilers are certainly a lot smaller in size, as the only component is the boiler itself.

System boilers will need an extra water cylinder, and so you are going to need to find space for this to be accommodated somewhere else in your home, typically in an airing cupboard. So, do keep this in mind when planning space for your boiler.

Water cylinders do not exactly come in different shapes. However, they do come in different sizes. Therefore, it can be possible for you to have a small cylinder installed. But if you do go for a rather small model, this can have an impact on your supply of hot water, so it is a balancing act.

Takes time to heat hot water when the tank is empty

You are going to need to be a patient person if you want to have a system boiler installed (or at the very least, an organised person!). The reason for this is because you are not able to enjoy instant hot water, as is the case with a combination boiler.

As a system boiler will heat a large amount of hot water in the cylinder, at a relatively slow pace, it takes time for you to get the hot water that you need for a bath or a shower. So, you need to wait for the water to be heated from cold. This means an end to last-minute showers – well, warm ones at least!